Condor Axe Neon Series • Shape / Standard • Dart Flights Darts Shafts • SGDARTS

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Brand owned CONDOR, Condor Axe Neon Series • Shape / Standard • Dart Flights Darts Shafts • SGDARTS cheapest $20 sale since launch 129 item sold with 76 likes and reviews 39 unconfirmed store but due to warehouse is in Singapore so Feeship
PM us to order the Standard Condor Axe!Condor Axe Neon Series • Shape / Standard • Dart Flights Darts Shafts • SGDARTS

A new material discovered in the 21st century. Special premium resin is used.

With spring-like flexibility. 0.4mm super slim flight. It maintains a perfect 90 degree angle even when flattened using the fingersCondor Axe Neon Series • Shape / Standard • Dart Flights Darts Shafts • SGDARTS

More flex than ever before. It also boasts unparalleled durability.

The delightful sound as the flights collides with each other.Condor Axe Neon Series • Shape / Standard • Dart Flights Darts Shafts • SGDARTS
Furthermore, unlike the previous CONDOR, the stiff shaft allows for additional ways to group the darts.

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