Hoasca 200christmas Edition - Roll Film 35mm, Iso200,36Exp

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Brand owned Unknown, Hoasca 200christmas Edition - Roll Film 35mm, Iso200,36Exp cheapest $25 sale since launch 25 item sold with 93 likes and reviews 12 unconfirmed store but due to warehouse is in Indonesia so Feeship
Looking for something special during this Christmas month? Hoasca 200christmas Edition - Roll Film 35mm, Iso200,36Exp


Hoasca Christmas 200 is a new 200 ISO 36 frames 35mm color film that has been pre-exposed so your shots will feature Christmas vibe shapes.

- Iso: 200Hoasca 200christmas Edition - Roll Film 35mm, Iso200,36Exp
- Developer: C-41
- Format: 35mm
- Exposures: 36 shootsHoasca 200christmas Edition - Roll Film 35mm, Iso200,36Exp

Best Use: 2/2025 (FRESH MOVIES!)

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