The Rag Company Detail Factory (Black Edition) Boar's Hair Brush

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Brand owned Unknown, The Rag Company Detail Factory (Black Edition) Boar's Hair Brush cheapest $32 sale since launch 3 item sold with 3 likes and reviews 2 unconfirmed store but due to warehouse is in Singapore so Feeship
The Rag Company The Rag Company Detail Factory (Black Edition) Boar's Hair Brush
Detail Factory (Black Edition) Boar's Hair Brush

When you need more scrubbing action than our Ultra-Fine Detailing Brushes provide, our Detail Factory Boar Hair Detailing Brushes are the perfect option!

These brushes are best for cleaning engine bays, brake calipers, exhaust tips, wheels, and any other surface or vehicle that needs heavier cleaning action.
The large size is ideal for wheel faces and inside engine bays, while the small size is best for exhaust tips, lug nuts, and other compact areas of the vehicle. The stiffer boar hair also makes these great for scrubbing textured interior plastics.
Featuring the same ergonomically designed and balanced handles as our Ultra-Soft brushes, you will be able to clean longer, safer, and more comfortably than with other detailing brushes on the market.

-Ergonomically Designed Handle Profile
-Textured Grip Area
-Balanced at Grip Area to Minimize User Fatigue
-Chemical Resistant Handle and Ultra-Soft Synthetic Bristle Materials
-Metal-Free Construction to Prevent Scratching and No Wood to Rot
-Short Handle (6.5”) for Interior Use, Dashboard, Navigation Screens, Vents, Woodwork, Gauges, etc.
-Long Handle (9.5”) for Exterior Surfaces, Wheels, Trim Work, Grill, Emblem/Badge, etc.

If you are looking for the absolute best in Boar Hair style detailing brushes - you just found them by the DETAIL FACTORY!

Product Information:
-After Use, RINSE Thoroughly With Clean Water
-Gently SQUEEZE To Remove Excess Water
-HANG Brush Upside-Down To Dry Between Uses

Distributed by:
Spectrum Automotive Pte Ltd
Local Authorized Distributor
Items are 100 % Authentic
Contact us: [email protected]

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